Classic Words Plus


Classic Words Plus's logoThere are many versions of this Classic Words Plus game. Through this game it is possible to improve the vocabulary since there will be definitions available for each word. Many languages like Polish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and English are supported in this game.

There are few exclusive features in Classic Words Plus. They are :

  •  It comes with pass and play mode and this will be for two player
  •  In this one can experience ad- free environment
  •  Before even validating a move, it allows players to validate their score

In this game it is possible to select the skill level of the computer. One can choose either beginner or expert. Along with this, player can pick the word list, use vocabulary, and use strategy to defeat the opponent.

Screenshots of Classic Words Plus

Classic Words Plus's screenshot
Classic Words Plus's screenshot
Classic Words Plus's screenshot



Some of the exclusive features of Classic Words Plus are :

  •  It offers 6 difficulty levels
  •  Once the player swipes on the word, it will display the definition of that word
  •  Player can quit the game when he wants and meanwhile he can resume it whenever he needs
  •  Just by shaking it is possible to shuffle the words
  •  There is support for many languages and their dictionaries as well
  •  This also supports offline play as well
  •  For each language there is letter distribution as well as points are adopted

How to use

The classic words plus version comes with added feature of two human player game. So, any two players can play this app against each other. The app comes with dictionaries as well so, the player is able to check about the word made by opponent.

So, decision of checking the validity of the word is easy. So, there will not be any arguments between the players. The playing board can also be zoomed if needed. So, players can also play this in small screens. This version also comes with an extra feature of score preview which help the players. This app is very handy and can help beginners as well. It can improve player’s vocabulary.

How to download

Classic words plus is very popular and majority of the users have opinion that it is very addictive as well. Using this, many users are expanding their vocabulary. Users must frame a word from the letters offered to them.

This app can be downloaded easily and installed in the device of your choice. Initially one must start practicing either with computer or an experienced player. This app is best suitable for children who are interested in learning new words.

Along with this adults who wish to improve their vocabulary can try this app. Framing words will not be difficult once the player gets use to it. There will be dictionary to help them and using this one can judge the word framed by other players.

If it is real game then players usually gets into arguments if the opponent frames an unfamiliar word. But this will not happen in app. This is because there will be dictionary to help and once the word is framed players can swipe on it and check the meaning or existence of the word.