Descrambler – Word game cheat


Descrambler - Word game cheat's logoSCRABBLE is one of the most loved games in the world. This crossword game might be popular, but the difficulty level sure does challenge everyone. There are times where players find it hard to come up with the right word to use. While the linguistic knowledge might be high, at times the right words will not come to the rescue. During those times, the app DESCRAMBLER will be there to help.

It might be a major moment in the tournament and you might want to check it one last time. Or, you might be playing for fun at your home and just want to learn new words. Whichever case it is, Descrambler word game cheat will be the major resource apt for all levels of players. It acts as a great word game learning tool where the user gets to see hundreds of possible word options for every turn.


Images of Descrambler – Word game cheat

Descrambler - Word game cheat's screenshot
Descrambler - Word game cheat's screenshot
Descrambler - Word game cheat's screenshot


  • There are at least 180,000 words in the dictionary of Descrambler. So most of the possible options are present.

  • To enhance fast search the app uses a proprietary lookup mechanism.

  • The internet connection is not required for using this app.

  • Availability of word check option to verify if the provided word is really present in the dictionary. This option will come in handy while trying to settle an argument between friends over the existence of a word.

  • Can be used as a tool for players of Boggle, Crossword Puzzles, Literati, Words with Friends, etc.

  • It can be used to find Anagrams.

How to use it?

Start with the 7 tiles as well as the board tiles if you want to include it too. Click the Start button. Search the combinations listed out. Most of the possible combinations will be listed along with the word score. There is the option to align it to the tournament format in case the particular option is needed. Use the app to track the entire game too. The opponent words can be entered while they are playing in the tile rack of the app and the playable word combinations for your turn can also be seen through this.

How to Download Descrambler to your PC with Android Emulator?

  1. Search for the free version of the Android emulator software and download it on your PC.

  2. The download will start once the download button is clicked.

  3. To install the software, click the installer file.

  4. The software is now installed in your PC.

  5. Go ahead with the sign-up process and log in to your Google Play Account

  6. In the Google Play store go to the search tab and type Descrambler word game cheat to find the app.

  7. Once you have found the app, start with the installation process.

  8. Complete the installation and use the app Descrambler to help with your Scrabble game.

  9. You can either use the keyboard or the mouse to operate the game. There is the option to go with the touchscreen too.