Ruzzle's logoThis game is considered very popular and it comes on the top when we consider the list of top word games. This has gained popularity in over 145 countries in the world. This has already earned more than 70 million players. Like many other word games, even this is very addictive. People are playing this game from many years. With the era of mobile apps, now this game can also be played by team players.

Ruzzle is one among very addictive fun games and it is fast paced. It is possible to challenge your family, friends, and other players to find out as many words as they can in just 2 minutes. Like many other word games, here also players must form a word using the letters which are scrambled. To win more points one can also use bonus titles. This game is played in 3 rounds.

Video of Ruzzle



If you are thinking how to use your two minutes free time then download this game and start challenging yourself. Here are many great features of this word game. Some of them are :

  •  Best thing is this game can be played in many languages. Currently there is option for 14 languages
  •  It is possible to take fun as seriously as possible using this game which is created by MAG Interactive
  •  It is possible to join the global audience which is over 100 million through this game
  •  This game can be played in team
  •  There will be options to earn bonus points
  •  This game is considered as one among the fastest word games available on this planet
  •  One must find out as many words as possible in given letters just in 2 minutes

How to use

This game is available on Google play. Player must download this and install it. Ruzzle is one among the smash hit, word game. The reason behind the popularity of this game is it is one of the fastest word games on this earth.

There will be letter given to the player and he must form words as many as possible and time given is 2 minutes. This game comes with many other smart features which players can utilize. This can be played in team. So, players can enjoy this game with their family, friends, and other global audience.

This game is already in muse by over 7o million players. Majority of the users have already played over 45 billion rounds. So, it means players have already played over 100000 years in the game.

Screenshots of Ruzzle

Ruzzle's Screenshot
Ruzzle's Screenshot
Ruzzle's Screenshot

How to install

This game should be downloaded from Google play. After completing downloading, one must install it on their device. Users can choose their language among the 14 languages available. This game is available in more than 145 countries and considered among top ten word games available on this planet.

Ruzzle can be downloaded on iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and even on Amazon Kindle. So, it can work on many devices. If you are looking for a word game which is fast and provides unlimited rounds with unlimited entertainment then Ruzzle is the choice.