What is the Scrabble App?

Scrabble's logoIt is a replica of the Scrabble board game that can be played online by both the expert players as well the beginner players. Each player gets a set of 7-tiles and place tiles to make words on the board. The player must try to take full advantage on the premium squares to win against their opponents. The app allows the players to play with their Facebook friends or they can have random matchups. The chat features allow the players to chat with other players, which is an extra social constituent to the game.

Scrabble is one of the favorite game for both kids as well as adults. It is truly an exceptional game that everyone likes to play as it gives a fun learning experience with words. The Scrabble app allows you to use the iPhone’s pinch-and-expand figure controls to flash in and out of the board. It allows the players to chat with around three FB friends at once.


Images of Scrabble

Scrabble's screenshot
Scrabble's screenshot
Scrabble's screenshot


  • It offers HD visual graphics developed to improve the Retina display and high-quality sound effects
  • The game allows you to find a challenger and challenge your friends through FB to make the scrabble game more fun and interactive
  • Win the game and share your skills through FB
  • The ‘Teacher’ feature can help you understand the game and helps you become a Scrabble Master.
  • Scrabble app is the best option as it does not have any ads and allows you to play for free
  • To see your highest scoring options, you can use the built-in official Scrabble dictionary, in-game word list, or the unique Best Word feature.

How to use it:

Win the Scrabble board game by challenging your friends through Facebook. It is a very interactive and fun game as it allows you to chat with your challenger while playing the word game. Also, the online game allows you to swipe the screen right and left, or you can as well play in portrait, which is perfect for the larger game board. It is a user-friendly game as it allows you to choose from different languages including, Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, or Brazilian. You can play the game on your PC just by downloading an Android Emulator. By linking the Android Emulator to your PC, you can enjoy playing this entertaining Scrabble game.

How to Download Scrabble for your PC:

  • Step -1: Download the android emulator software that is available for free. Press Download button to download the software
  • Step-2: Install the software by pressing on the Installer File
  • Step-3: Once the software installed in your PC, and then finish the sign-up process and log in with your GPA (Google Play Account).
  • Step-4: Use Google play store for the search tool to find Scrabble Download.
  • Step-5: Find the game and start the installation.
  • Step-6: Install the game and now you can play Scrabble on PC using a keyboard or a mouse and even a touchscreen, and you can use the control button to copy the pinch function to flash in and out.
  • Step-7: Also, you can install a remote control app to get access to the game remotely.