Wheel of Fortune Free Play


Wheel of Fortune Free Play's logoWheel of the Fortune is considered as the best puzzle game ever. In this game player will spin the wheel and start solving the puzzles. Through this game it is possible to give best entertainment for your brain. This game is available for mobile devices and players can enjoy playing this with friends and family. Through this it is possible to challenge yourself everyday with new puzzles.

Majority of the players say that they are playing this game as their daily habit. They choose exciting new puzzles and along with this fun categories each and every day. There is something called Pat Sajak in this wheel of fortune game. This helps the players in guiding to play fun filled puzzles from around the world. Play with friends, other fans, and family if you wish to win huge prizes. The winner of this game will come out as topper and he wins the ultimate jackpot.

Video of Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Features of game


  •  In this game, host from TV show, Pat Sajak guides the players in their journey all over the globe from Hollywood and Tokyo to New York and Paris
  •  Players can expect new word games all the time
  •  If you are a word game fan then this is the right place since you can enjoy solving word puzzles here
  •  There is one option where players can spin the wheel and win the game. Here they can win Wild Card as well which can big. Otherwise they can also get lucky with Free play as well. Remember to watch carefully for bankrupt
  •  Other is classic word games along with TV Show Flair. This is nothing but playing classic word games which is like TV show. In the bonus round one can get selection letter as well. Here it is better to opt VIP all- access membership. This will protect the player from bankrupt. One can also expect Lose Turn wedges and special perks here.
  •  Other than this game also offers Multiplayer games and Tournament Word games. Here players can expect unique collectibles and huge prizes when they win against other players. They can also start playing with their family, Facebook friends, and other players around the world.

Screenshots of Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Wheel of Fortune Free Play's screenshot
Wheel of Fortune Free Play's screenshot
Wheel of Fortune Free Play's screenshot

How to use

Similar to that of TV shows, in online games also the players show go through many different rounds through which the game tests the skills of the players. These are really a challenge for even savvy players of Wheel of Fortune game.

It is possible to create personal games by playing head to head with family and friends. This also includes features to form custom puzzles to solve. There is mode called Word tour mode which helps players and takes them on any travel destination. Through this they can pic iconic items from all over the world.

How to install

This game can be downloaded on any Android mobile device and installed. Players who are interested in word puzzle games can download this from internet. This game will be similar to that of the TV shows. So, players who are familiar with the TV shows can easily start playing this game. Since the game also offers multiplayer option, enjoy this game along with your family and friends.