Whirly Word


Whirly Word's logoThe knowledge of English words can be tricky. To test that knowledge is the app Whirly Word. By bringing the quest of coming up with as many numbers of words with six letters, the app brings out a decent challenge. Six random letters are given to the users and they are asked to form as many numbers of words as possible with any combination. To help the users with the word count, there is a guide present at the top of the screen which indicates the number of words that are possible to make with the given letters. Additional information about how many letters the word contains is also given.

The users can also whirl the letters. This will enable a new order of words and will help with the users to gain a new perspective to form more words. The user can keep working with the puzzle as long as he or she wants to do it. Once the minimum word count is achieved, the user gets to move to the next level. If the user completes the full puzzle bonus points are given. Additional points for creating three-letter words, four-letter words and palindromes are also awarded.


Images of Whirly Word

Whirly Word's screenshot
Whirly Word's screenshot
Whirly Word's screenshot


  • More than 7500 puzzles

  • Variety of color schemes

  • Bonus points

  • Option to whirl the letters

  • Difficulty levels: 2

  • Availability of built-in dictionary

  • Sound effects and background music

  • Maintain success records

  • Portrait and landscape options

How to use the app?

The first step is to tap on the wheel which will move it to the answer squares. Once the letters are placed in the answer squares, enter option has to be chosen. The found word will be added to the word list. The progress bar keeps increasing as the word count increases. Once the minimum number of words is achieved the red light will turn to green and the user can move to the next round. Alternatively, the user can find a six letter word and immediately move to the next round.

How to download Whirly Word on PC using the android emulator?

  1. Download the free version of android emulator on your PC. The software will download automatically by pressing the download button.

  2. Click on the Installer file to install the software.

  3. When the installation is complete on your PC, go ahead with the sign-up process.

  4. After signing up, log in with your GPA (Google Play Account).

  5. Once you are logged in Google Play, go to the search tab and search for the app ‘Whirly Word’.

  6. Once you find the game go ahead with the installation process.

  7. Complete the installation and play Whirly Word on your PC.

  8. You can either play with the help of the keyboard or you can even use the mouse for control options. For users who are comfortable with the touchscreen, it can also be used instead.

  9. If you want to play the game remotely then install the remote control app.