Word Connect


Word Connect's logoIf you are a classic word game lover then Word connect is best suitable for you. So, you can start playing this game just by downloading it online. This game can give best entertainment as well as exercise to your brain. It has ability to train your brain. This game is available for free of cost.

In this game players must swipe the letter blocks to build the word. Once they build the words successfully, they can earn coins. So here coins are considered as earned points. Majority of the players have opinion that they after they have started playing this game then have become vocabulary master. So, word building can be a good training for your mind and it is possible to improve your vocabulary through this.

So, through this game one can learn new words and start building as many words as possible.

Video of Word Connect



There are some features which makes this game special. Some of them are :

  •  This word connect game is best because it is powered by the Oxford Dictionaries
  •  Word connect is addictive gameplay
  •  This game is easy and simple to play
  •  There are thousands of levels and there is no limit for entertainment
  •  Players can play every day since it comes with daily challenge
  •  Players do not get bored since there will be wonderful daily bonus
  •  If the player wants to play previous levels again he can do that by accessing the level list. So, through this he can play the previous level one more time
  •  There are over 10 themes which players can choose
  •  If friends and family members also playing this game then it is better. Player can take their help and he can even send the earned points
  •  There is no time limit in the game. So, player will get time to think about new words. So, he play the game at his own pace
  •  This game brings back childhood memories since it has those wooden block graphics
  •  This game can be played anytime, anywhere even without the Wi Fi
  •  Supported on all types of mobile devices and it is accessible even in tablet

It is possible to have great time when a player plays this word connect game. Through this he can train his brain along with earning points. When friends and family play together, this can bring great time.

Screenshots of Word Connect

Word Connect's screenshot
Word Connect's screenshot
Word Connect's screenshot

How to use

After downloading and installing the Word Connect game, open the app. Like any other classic word game it starts giving the opportunity for the player to start making words. He can use the letters given to him and think about a new word. In case if he finds it difficult then he can take the help of hint as well. Once he completes a level he can move forward to next level.

How to install

Word connect game can be installed in any mobile device by downloading it online. It can be used even in tablet. So, if the player is looking for some fun though building new words then this is the right game. It provides thousands of levels and there is no limit for entertainment.