Word Cookies



As everyone knows about the video games which can be played on all the electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and iPad. These are the main sources which are used to play the games and can be executed in many operating systems. This is possible with the user interfacing for generation of visual effects. These are done according to the device specification like the screen or the monitor of the computer. These are with the reference of the displaying device with raster in accordance with the concept of two-dimensions to three dimensions with compatible images. These are not at all controversial and it is considered as an art of creation.

Video of Word Cookies

The features of word cookies


This game is considered as the best game in the category of the puzzles and people are very much interested about to play this game. The features of the game are simple by looks with great excitement in the processing of searching the words in the game of the puzzle. It is the most addictive game and the players used to keep on playing literally. The word cookie game features are associated with the delicious mouth-watering cookies present in the oven. The brain of the player who is playing this game must be in the activity loop of finding all the possible words. With the given letters for obtaining almost all the words. The main theme and aim of the game are to identify the words which are hidden by the cookies.

By playing this game the players can get a good grip in the field of the vocabulary and improved skills in spellings and concentration of the players too. It is filled with fun by discovering the words which are hidden among the letters of mixed. There will be words which are derived from the main word for developing the brain of the users and good skills in vocabulary. It is very simple and easy for playing even for the beginners. For the players of the games there will be a bonus on daily basis and level passing rewards. It will be a great and good exercises for the brain of the users and it acts like a brain teaser. This game is limited by the time, no limit in the game played. This game can be played without the connection of the internet, so there no problem with the connection of the internet. So, the gamers can play this word cookies irrespective of time, since it is offline. The levels which are involved in this game is filled with uniqueness in tons. There will be updates about the game on the frequent basis.

Images of Word cookies

How to use

This game can be played by simply swiping on the screen of the mobile or the electronic gadgets for playing with the cookie shaped letter for making a valid word. The word which is valid can be highlighted on the screen the gamers can found the screen. While the difficulty levels are kept on increasing some words are hard to find but keep on swiping for getting the words.

Download on PC with emulator

After the launching of the emulator which are stimulated on the devices of the android on the device used by the users. Before installing the emulators, the players can test these applications on number of devices with much variations. Without the need of the devices which are physical devices.