Words with Friends 2


Words with Friends 2's logoWord With Friends 2 is an app that is intelligently and beautifully redesigned. The game is teeming with different ways to compete with your friends that you might have never done before. If you want to improve your word game, then play against illusory characters in New solo challenge events, updated with hew opponents and themes twice a month. If you are ready to challenge, then try this fast-paced team match to analyze your quid word building skills in the new lightning round.

It is one of the classic online games that offer tough gameplay that you love to play, and the game allows you to win exclusively themed badges for finishing weekly tests and scoring high against your friends. WWF2 (Word With Friends 2) backs up your game-play by getting back all your past games, progress, and getting back all your previous games, progress from earlier versions, and friends. You will not lose anything but will have more fun and entertainment. Know your skill level by downloading the New Words with Friends 2 and play against your friends.


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  • It allows you to play location-based gameplay, which means you can play against other players who are located in the same area. It might be your neighbor who plays the WWF2 against you
  • The Location-based leaderboard is a new feature that allows you to climb up the leaderboards and you can be the leader in your area. To climb up the leaderboard, you might have to play against the best opponents in the same area who also wants to climb the board. It facilitates you to chat with your challenger while playing the game.
  • Social play is another interesting feature that embraces themes of comradely, friendship, and more words that have friends in it. You can invite your friends via Twitter, Facebook, etc to play the challenging game. Also, the game allows you to pick your opponent using the match-making feature.
  • You can play the gameplay on multi-platforms as you can sync the app in any device, which means if you are playing the game while going to work in a cab, you can start again the same game when you are back home.

Images of Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2's screenshot
Words with Friends 2's screenshot
Words with Friends 2's screenshot

How to Play:

The new Words with Friends 2 offer high-quality graphics and it allows you to play your favorite game on Windows 7, 8, XP. The words and tiles are much easier to see and the gameplay moves faster because of using the mouse. Download the Android Emulator to start your Word with Friends 2 journey into the advanced mobile gaming on your PC today.

How to Download Words with Friends for your PC:

  • Step -1: Download the android emulator software that is available for free. Press Download button to download the software
  • Step-2: Install the software by pressing on the Installer File
  • Step-3: Once the software installed in your PC, and then finish the sign-up process and log in with your GPA (Google Play Account).
  • Step-4: Use Google play store for the search tool to find Scrabble Download.
  • Step-5: Find the game and start the installation.
  • Step-6: Install the game and now you can play Words with Friends 2 on PC using a keyboard or a mouse and even a touchscreen, and you can use the control button to copy the pinch function to flash in and out.
  • Step-7: Also, you can install a remote control app to get access to the game remotely.

Support: The Company offers an online FB support team if you have any issues with the installation process of the Android Emulator, you can use this link to access the team support or reach them through email.