Wordscapes In Bloom


Wordscapes In Bloom's logoIt is possible to give best exercise for your brain using lot of word games available on the internet. There are many unscrambling puzzles and challenging word games on the internet. So, using these one can climb in their vocabulary ladder, unlock difficult levels, and test their word building.

Players feel this game is really simple when it starts off. But as you pass the difficult levels, going further it becomes a challenge to play. More challenging puzzles are available here and one can unlock new levels.

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It is possible that player will enter into never ending world of beautiful games here. Even though there is no time limit, still solving these word puzzles becomes really challenging. There will be letter hints if the user finds it really hard at some point. Other than this it also offers word shuffle as well.

This is a word game where players need to for words. They can swipe and connect the letters to make a word. This is the next and updated version of the original Wordscape game. The game looks really attractive with flower background and gentling falling petals. The developer of this game is People Fun. They have done a great job in giving such a beautiful game which stands out of the world.

How to use

Initially one must understand about forming the words. So, without knowing this and getting expertise in this they will not be able to complete the puzzle. At each level players will be given letters which are place at the bottom of the screen. These letters will be in a circle and players must link these letters and form a word. Each and every letter given can be used only one time. Based on the number of squares available players must decide the formation of the word. So, number of squares decides the length of the word.

There will be many levels which are available for players. There is entertainment guaranteed for days, weeks, and even for months. The main levels available are Glow, Dream, Paint, Petal, Rouge, Blossom, Pollen, Heart, Dew, Portrait, Grace Fields, Soft, Sapphire, Spring, Sun, Blush, Flare, Allure, Tropic, Desire, Rise, Hopeful, Form, Boutique, Peace, Light, and Medley.

Screenshots of Wordscapes In Bloom

Wordscapes In Bloom's screenshot
Wordscapes In Bloom's screenshot
Wordscapes In Bloom's screenshot

How to install the game

After downloading the game from the internet, one must install the game as per the instructions given. Then start playing with the puzzles. The game offers new puzzles every day. In this game player must collect butterflies. This must be done every day. Through butterflies game challenges the players. Player must think and play because some words come with more butterflies. Here quick thinking skills of the player benefit him more.

To move from one level to the other, players need tweaks. This helps him when he is playing the regular game. But in the game he can take the help of shuffle button which rearranges the letters. This will help in forming another word and player can also make use of hint button. Hint button fills the letters on the board. So, this will help the player to finish the blank place.

Game also has special symbols. One of them is lovely lady bug. This bug comes with huge benefits. So, one can finish the game quickly. So, one the ladybug appears player must start searching for a word which contains ladybug. Here player will get free hints as well.