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This article contains the complete description of the Words Dom- best word puzzle in a genuine way. The main theme of the game is based on the jumbling of the letter given in the particular stage of the game. By arranging and re-arranging the letter the needed word can be found from those letters by shuffling process. There are different categories are there in these kinds of the puzzle with letter games. In this game the categories are extended to ninety categories approximately by the developer of the game. The features and levels of this can game can be explained in the following paragraphs.

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The features


As discussed earlier about the categories of the game, they are about ninety approximately and these categories are named with different names. They are listed here book self, album, sofa, lamp, dining table, wardrobe, carpet, mirror, armchair, writing desk, living room, cradle, dresser, foot rest, hutch, lawn, fish bowl, frame, door bell, heater, oven, bath tub, cupboard, mat, fire place, staircase, dishwasher, chimney, fence, dressing table, chaise lounge, loveseat, ladder, game table, sink, roof, pantry, broom, faucet, shower, balcony, tape recorder, sky light, dog house, coffee table, mattress, love seat, computer and many more. These categories are because of the number of letters are there in the particular level of the game. The player can definitely enjoy the different modes and themes provided by the designer for attracting the players. This puzzle game has got huge response in the online play store and app stores. The users are rated good and this game is reached by maximum number of people.

For getting good interest among the players there will be daily challenges and separate rewards for cracking the challenges. For skipping the level which is very hard to solve by the particular player one can easily skipped by spending some gained rewards. The back ground of the game and different themes is available for making the players more interesting. The above-mentioned names of the categories are of different set of letters are there. Based on the difficulty and letters used those titles are prescribed for those levels. Casually the letter of minimum of five to maximum of ten are used. The minimum difficulty levels are of letter of five to seven are used where as the difficulty level increased the used letters are of seven to ten at maximum. For playing the hard levels it takes lots of time and it is a bit hard to find out by the player and get into next level.

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How to use

The designer of the game got huge name and fame from the users of the game. The game is compatible on the operating systems like android, iOS and windows too. The game which is designed is very much user friendly and easily adoptable. Comes to the category of five star rated game with much entertainment. Can be played in all most all the electronic gadgets available.

The procedure for downloading the game via emulator

Though the process of downloading the game is very similar but the process of downloading the game is must. Easily for mobile people can download from the google store and simultaneously the downloading and installation process can be done. In these days the availability of emulators are easy. By using the emulator the game software can be easily downloaded.